Kill Switch App Reviews

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Cosmetic issues with Yosemite

There are some minor cosmetic issues when running under Yosemite but it appears to do exactly what is advertised.

About time, and awesome


Good app, annoying popup

On startup, the Killswitch window opens and remains. Why? Marketing? Would have been a "5" except for this. Bob

Does exactly what it's supposed to do

One of the annoying things about Lion is that an application-forced restart will also automatically restart all running apps. This makes the start-up time too long if I'm in the middle of doing something. Kill Switch allows for selective quitting of open apps. Those that I want to restart, or those that are part of my start-up list, can be ignored, while the ones I don't want running on restart can be quit. Very simple, very effective. I haven't used the Force Quit function yet and will report back if it doesn't work as advertised. The application has the ability to have a dedicated hot key (CMD ESC by default) to call up the dialog box to allow an application to be selected. Here are a couple criticisms, but not showstoppers. First, this app is expensive at $4.99. It would probably be far more appealing if it were a couple bucks less. It would also be very helpful if a user could predefine a group of applications to close rather than having to manually choose them each time. If an application wasn't running at the time of shutdown, it would be skipped. Other than those quibbles, this app does exactly what it promises!


new to mac…. couldn't shut down a stalled app… tried the free app Qall and didn't work…. installed this and SNAP. DONE. Quit! the frozen app is gone….. thank you! :-)

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